Tuesday, September 26, 2006

- closing this part of my life -


i'm gonna stop blogging at blogger.. too many blogs makes me blur.
i will only blog at my the other blog in chinese and english depending my my mood.

but this blog will still be here just for memories.. stupid blogger dun have export service..so stupid.= =''''

so...good bye blogspot. i'm leaving....... tata

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Friday, September 22, 2006

- 7 things. -

candy saw this on ling's blog and decided that i am too bored. so i'll give it a try.

7 things that scare me
1. any insect
2. the dark....
3. ghost
4. great heights(like bungee jump or wadever)
5. being penniless
6. death...(especially that i dont know what happens the moment i close my eyes)
7. death of my family members or friends..cant imagine that happens...

7 random songs at the moment
1. Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending
2. 蔡建雅 - Beautiful Love
3. S.H.E - 觸電
4. 范逸臣 - Love Story
5. 張棟梁 - 北極星的眼淚
6. 王心淩 - 彩虹的微笑
7. 張惠妹 - 我要快樂

7 things that i like the most
1. singing
2. shopping
3. getting out of singapore makes me happy
4. online games / reading novels / watching ou xiang ju
5. chocolates or durians
6. my melody
7. taiwan

7 important things in my bedroom
1. my pc
2. aircon
3. piano
4. bed
5. bedside lamp(i scared dark dark)
6. wardrobe
7. whole collection of stuff everywhere

7 random facts about me
1. i almost drowned when i was in pri 6 at a swimming pool. so until now i dont really like the prospect of going to learn swimming.
2. i like things organised and neat.
3. i cannot stand wet toliet floors.. especially when i go overseas or chalet..
4. i only keep thinking of travelling to taiwan but not elsewhere..weird.....
5. i like shopping alone. period.
6. i cannot go out without using hair spray...
7. surprisingly i was once best student of the month and best student for the week for Additional Maths.. and one of the top 2 students in biology class to get workshop in ngee ann poly...

7 things i said the most
1. hahahahaha
2. ha
3. 瞎
4. chey
5. aiyo
6. 不要啦
7. okok

7 things I plan to do before I die
1. give my family a better life
2. lose weight
3. get married?
4. have my own shop selling fashionable accessories
5. become someone famous (haha!)
6. earn at least a million...USD!
7. travel to many places. even working overseas!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

- -

interview over.


my mood went up when i left the venue. haha.. then i decided to shop at a shop near my training course centre i went in the past. so i got a couple of handphone accessories again... unfortunately. haha since they are so cute..heehee... after tt i decided to go orchard and window shop. wow its sometime since i go to town area. went heeren HMV to get wasted but who knows? i saw the summer sale albums! its like there are some good buys at only 95 cents! wow... so i got 4 cds at only 3.80..can u believe it? penny/elva/lin yi lian's ktv vcd one each. and makiyo's album. woo..happy man.. so cheap!!!

national day is tmr. but i have no plans. haha
maybe just rot at home again. i'm so wasted mannnnnnnnn

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

- -

there is an interview tmr.
i dont know why whenever there is an interview coming up, i will be always feeling kinda strange... like walking ard looking v sad. dunno wad to do.. this time its the same as usual.. but the thing that is scary is..there is this 30min written assessment as well. what can i do?? there is nothing to study. i dont know what they want.. and it is so weird to need to write something...for a job? that the pay isn't that high? ai~~ just pray that things dont go astray then i will feel ok liaoz. will practice a few questions tonight. then tmr just go to interview.

after this it will be back to home again. grade 1 exams is coming soon. 16th august. its really contradicting that i dont feel scared at all for that exam. there will be a practice in the examination room this friday afternoon. we gotta book the room. i think shouldnt have much problems with this, jus that i have to pay monthly fee and grade 3 exam fee goes up to 167..woot. ai~~ $$ again.

hope everything goes well lah. i am feeling kinda moody these days. PMS i guess. national day is nothing man..aiyo....so boring one..........i want some excitement!

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Friday, July 28, 2006

- last day @ SDC -

it was some sort emotional for me to leave this place even though i had only 3 weeks of service there.

the people there are really nice. they are friendly and warm. very much of a big family. this reminds me so much of my time at ANL in 2004-2005 woo...time flies. its gonna be 2007 soon. so back to my last day. it was as usual hectic and rushed as i have to finish a certain portion of a project for them before i go..plus those last minute stuff and backup files and last day administration stuff.. i was so packed!!

and there was even this thank you party the company is celebrating for their successful official opening. with food, lucky draw and some games. so it was even more packed for me. haha so in the end i was late for piano class... well. when i got there, my teacher gave me my exam slip. so tentatively the date and time of my grade 1 practical exam is 16 august 9.45am. wow. morning. i hope i will wake up man.

i guess many of you must be wondering why i learn so long for grade 1. i think the main reason is. i had that change of teacher that delayed me for the registration of exams for the march one.~ or else i thought my previous teacher taught at a much much slower pace...which is more wasting time. this current teacher is more crappy but she is more matter of fact kind. and "practical" kind. she will want u to progress fast and not waste money and time. i hope by next august i can try grade 3 practical. which is a bit risky. as i only have a year to prepare for practising grade 2 and 3 pieces. haha... but now it is confirmed that i am taking grade 3 theory exams in november. maybe if i am fast enough. i will be able to take grade 5 theory in march nxt yr. haha...

hope i will be able to get a perm job @ some govt agency soon. as i would much prefer a job at these instituitions as an officer or executive than an admin assistant, so that i will handle more stuff and be paid more. but its so slow to wait for their reply!! i prefer these jobs as they are more stable in the pay increment and there will be bonus and the benefits are good! rather than i slog in some design company or or small firm where i OT day and night. no benefits. lowly paid. bad bosses. get no bonuses wad so ever. i wonder if i will go back to those life again. i shall forbid myself not to. its not what i want to pursue. so i shall work hard on my interview skills and pay more attention of job adverts!! tada

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- 1st time @ monsoon storm. -

went for a haircut ytd @ JP monsoon storm.
it was 19.90 cut and wash so me and tziming decided to try it.
i seldom cut hair except once or twice a year thingy...
had in mind doing hair treatment too...so we went in the salon.

i told the female i just wanted to trim my layers and shape the hair a bit cos i still wanted to keep my long hair.. then she recommended me to do seaweed hair treatment and scalp treatment with haircut and wash. all 49.90. woot so i did lah..

i didnt understand tziming's sms, thinking that she also accepted the treatment thingy. but she didnt~! i didnt know she had a bad time with the hairdresser she's stuck with for the night. haha...so i still got my treatment and haircut successfully only that i had mistaken the whole package price as 49.90 when it was 79.90. wow~ but nvm since i really had damaged hair and split ends..going to dry hair. so it was worth it. since there is scalp treatment that was really cooling!!

too bad tziming got the unfriendly hairdresser or she would have done hair treatment too! nonetheless, we had a nice dinner @ bento box and nice chat @ mos burger with some drinks.

i am so tempted to wash my hair now as its quite itchy...LOL went for burger king breakfast just now @ IMM with mom...shopped a bit.. now i feel sweaty~~. just cant stand singapore's weather sometimes..its just too warm and sticky. wished i was in a winter country now. woo~~~~

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